All The Specials This Week at Snow’s Country Market

Check out all the GREAT Specials this week at Snow’s Country Market.

  • Tennessee Tomatoes
  • Pumpkins and a Farmyard Picture Spot for the the kids too !
  • Romaine Lettuce  (great with a tomato for a B.L.T. sandwich with our fantastic 
  • Hickory Smoked Bacon on our fresh breads),
  • Greens and beets and a wide variety of all your favorite fruits and citrus !

Remember to get your Local Honey here, (we sell LOT’s because it’s the REAL honest to goodness stuff).

Order your Delicious Pies by Tuesday and you’ll be able to pick them up by Friday every week !

Remember the Oranges, Broccoli, White and Purple Eggplant, and AMAZING PIES !

Mums and Poinsettias at Snows Country Market

Snows Country Market has the seasonal flowers and foods that you want

Get your PIES Quick, before they’re gone ! In fact, you should order your pie to make sure that you get your favorite !

Tell all your friends about the place, so they won’t think you’re keeping all the goodies to yourself   !

Check our facebook page for details


2 responses

  1. Hadn’t been to Snow’s Market in a while due to vertabrae injuries, but so glad went this week and got to see Georgia and her husband and workers. Wonderful place, totally enjoy how they have remodeled, love the fresh produce and neat other items. Just put them on my FaceBook too! Hope you all make it a point to stop by and enjoy the freshest fruit and vegetables in this area, well worth it.

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